In over 37 years of legal practice, I like to think that I have developed a special relationship – not only of trust, but also of communication – with many clients in all kinds of situations.

Because I have spent all of my professional life trying to demystify the law and its practice both for my clients and for the legal profession itself, I have become well-known as a writer and the creator of documents that anyone can understand.

It was a high point for me when I became one of the foundation Accredited Specialists in Business Law. Victoria was the first State in Australia to establish this specialty, and I was one of the founding writers and examiners in the subject.

I have maintained my teaching roles at the Leo Cussen Institute and in the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre for Continuing Education, because in teaching one often finds that questions are raised that seldom occur in practice, but which are nonetheless important. Teaching is a real challenge.

Solving problems by lateral moves, rather than by direct confrontation, has always been one of my more creative areas of interest. Increasingly I find that clients do not want to become involved in costly litigation, and prefer mediation and round-table negotiations.